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TechCast in DoD Publication

Founder Bill Halal discussed the benefits of "neuromorphic" chips for AI.

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Weed is Back

One of TechCast's Social Trends is quickly becoming the status quo.

Meaning of the First Death by a Self-Driving Car

TechCast's staff finds useful lessons about the role of “micro wild cards” in life and forecasting.

Convergence of Technologies in Knowledge-Based Systems

TechCast Expert and Catalyst board member F.A. Calabrese reports on 20 years of educational success using TechCast’s forecasts in studies of Technology Impact Analysis.

Recent Research
OPAL: reconciling open innovation and data security

Nicolas de Cordes, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, and Zbigniew Smoreda, ranking data-security specialists, take on the difficult task of keeping individual data private while still giving access to those who need it—a deep, highly technical dive into one alternative to making individual data anonymous.