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Techcast News
Keynote at Mexican Business Summit

TechCast was invited to keynote the Mexican Business Summit held in Puebla, Mexico, Nov 13-15.

IPOS Workshop

TechCast held a 2-day workshop on Forecasting Emerging Technologies for the Intellectual Proper

WorldFuture 2016

TechCast's founder and chairman, Prof. William Halal, presented our latest work on "The Age

New Articles
The Robots Are Coming – to Make You Creative

After forecasting the AI Revolution rather accurately for many years,[1] it’s good t

Will China Fall

           Although China has been one of the world's fastest-grow

Next Gen Aviation

TechCast publisbed this article in Pro Pilot, a leading journal of the aviation industry. This is a

Recent Research
Winners and Losers

In late November, Jill Stein, the Progressive Party’s candidate for president in the recent el

The Blockchain Revolution

  End-to-End Digitization We have heard a lot about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, but it is

Landmark Paris Meetings on Climate

TechCast finds it remarkable that almost all nations in the world assembled in Paris in December of