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Techcast News
AI and Future Jobs Study Published

TechCast points the way to avoid mass unemployment.

Introducing the TechCast Catalysts

TechCast has reorganized its Advisory Board into a Catalyst Team. Think of them as our in-house DARPA.

TechCast Staffer Amy Fletcher Published

Dr. Amy Fletcher, Research Editor for Medicine & Biogenetics, highlights the vital role of the arts in the age of AI.

New Articles
Carbon Pricing: Here At Last?

With the federal government AWOL from the war on climate change, individual states are stepping up to cut their own greenhouse gas emissions.

The Flipped Economy

Author Dan Abelow believes digital technology could flip today's economic pyramid to a people-first system that makes everyone a winner.

Recent Research
Will China Lead in AI?

National R&D strategies suggest the possibility, though not yet the probability, that global AI leadership could move East in the 2020s.

Autonomous Cars

TechCast expert Robert Finkelstein provides a comprehensive forecast of self-driving cars

Chairman's Report on Study of Trump Policies

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