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AI and Future Jobs Study Published

TechCast Points the Way to Avoid Mass Unemployment

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Listen to three great podcasts on Strategic Foresight

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The Next Leap in Smartphones

TechCast Expert Jonathan Kolber Forecasts Virtual Assistants

Book Review: The Future of Business

A great anthology of work from the most capable thought leaders in future studies of business.

The Dragonfly Effect

Emergence of Digital Ecosystems, by TechCast Expert Raji Gogulapati

Recent Research
Cognitivity Everywhere

Research by TechCast expert and researcher Alexandre Pupo

Preventing Terrorism Through Cultural Change

Research report by TechCast Expert Robert Finklestein

AI and Future Jobs in 2030: Mudding Through Likely but Two Alternative Scenarios

This study addresses the looming issue of unemployment by forecasting the future distribution of jobs.