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TechCast in DoD Publication

Founder Bill Halal discussed the benefits of "neuromorphic" chips for AI.

Introducing the TechCast Catalysts

TechCast has reorganized its Advisory Board into a Catalyst Team. Think of them as our in-house DARPA.

Trump Era Growth Forecast at 1.9 Percent

A new CBO forecast supports TechCast's recent study.

New Articles
E-Commerce Takes Off

TechCast expects 300–400 percent growth in online sales

We Are All Futurists

Great forecast from 30 years ago shows widespread interest in knowing the future.

Big Win for Cooperation

Trump–Democrats deal highlights power of working across the aisles

Recent Research
Highlights of AI Forecast

Thirty percent of routine knowledge work will be automated by 2025, freeing people for creative challenges.

US Congress Forced to Cooperate

Health Care Impasse a Blow to Conflict and a Signal for Collaboration