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Techcast News
AI and Future Jobs Study Published

TechCast points the way to avoid mass unemployment.

TechCast in DoD Publication

Founder Bill Halal discussed the benefits of "neuromorphic" chips for AI.

New Articles
Pivotal Moment in Business

Major institutional investors are rocking corporations, ranking social goals alongside profitability for the first time.

First Designed Human Embryo

TechCast's Dr. Amy Fletcher reports that Oregon scientists have for the first time edited the genes of human embryos to cure a common hereditary defect.

Legal Pot Nearing a Tipping Point

Sami Makelainen, editor of TechCast's Social Trends, sees important developments emerging from marijuana legalization in the years ahead.

Recent Research
OPAL: reconciling open innovation and data security

Nicolas de Cordes, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, and Zbigniew Smoreda, ranking data-security specialists, take on the difficult task of keeping individual data private while still giving access to those who need it—a deep, highly technical dive into one alternative to making individual data anonymous.

Will China Lead in AI?

National R&D strategies suggest the possibility, though not yet the probability, that global AI leadership could move East in the 2020s.

Autonomous Cars

TechCast expert Robert Finkelstein provides a comprehensive forecast of self-driving cars