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Beyond Knowledge

Technology is creating an Age of Consciousness.

TechCast at University of Texas

Our founder recently delivered another major talk on the technology revolution.

New Articles
Life in the Goldfish Bowl

Americans once valued privacy. We are likely to give the last away without a second thought. Here's why.

Weed is Back

One of TechCast's Social Trends is quickly becoming the status quo.

Convergence of Technologies in Knowledge-Based Systems

TechCast Expert and Catalyst board member F.A. Calabrese reports on 20 years of educational success using TechCast’s forecasts in studies of Technology Impact Analysis.

Recent Research
Unanimity on Climate Change

The scientific consensus on global warming is even stronger than we knew.

Can AI Automate Human Consciousness?

Dueling views of a Critical Issue.

Cognitivity Everywhere

Research by TechCast expert and researcher Alexandre Pupo.