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Beyond Knowledge

Technology is creating an Age of Consciousness.

Announcing a TechCast Speaker Series

Dr. Steve Hausman is available to give talks and presentations on TechCast and emerging technologies.

TechCast at University of Texas

Our founder recently delivered another major talk on the technology revolution.

New Articles
Another E-Commerce Revolution Is Coming

At the recent IT European Summit, TechCast Expert Dan Abelow told corporate leaders how to help build a future where every person rises to the top. Click to see this 22-minute TED-like keynote speech.

The Tao Business Model for Insuretech

Regular contributor Syed Danish Ali examines the intersection of technology with a critical industry he knows well: insurance, which provides 9 percent of the global GDP.

IPOS Singapore Case Study

Helping to create TechCast—Singapore

Recent Research
Autonomous Cars

TechCast Expert Robert Finkelstein provides a comprehensive forecast of self-driving cars.

Cognitivity Everywhere

Research by TechCast expert and researcher Alexandre Pupo.

Can AI Automate Human Consciousness?

Dueling views of a Critical Issue.