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Techcast News
TechCast in DoD Publication

Founder Bill Halal discussed the benefits of "neuromorphic" chips for AI.

Introducing the TechCast Catalysts

TechCast has reorganized its Advisory Board into a Catalyst Team. Think of them as our in-house DARPA.

AI and Future Jobs Study Published

TechCast Points the Way to Avoid Mass Unemployment

New Articles
Progress in Gene Therapy

With the first genetic therapies now approved by the FDA, the field is on track to fulfill TechCast's prediction.

Electric Hype and Reality

TechCast's collective intelligence cuts through the noise

Big Win for Cooperation

Trump–Democrats deal highlights power of working across the aisles

Recent Research
Will China Lead in AI?

National R&D strategies suggest the possibility, though not yet the probability, that global AI leadership could move East in the 2020s.

Autonomous Cars

TechCast expert Robert Finkelstein provides a comprehensive forecast of self-driving cars

Chairman's Report on Study of Trump Policies

Your Thoughts on Making This a Media Source