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Examples of Tech Forecasts, Social Trends, and Wild Cards


by TechCast Staff

The TechCast knowledge base is reserved for members, but here’s a small sampling of our more than 100 forecasts on Emerging Technologies, Social Trends, and Wild Cards. TechCast Global covers the entire strategic environment for planners and decision-makers.


Click on the forecast titles below for the PDF versions of 3 forecasts as of June 15, 2014. They are constantly updated online. To view more of our work, please subscribe to a free 14-Day Trial.

Emerging Technology:  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY A complete and authoritative analysis of this vast technological field. TechCast experts estimate 30% of global energy will come from wind, solar, hydro, geo, bio, nuclear, conservation, and other alternatives to carbon by 2026 +/- 4 years, creating a global market of about US$2 trillion.

Social Trend:  PRIVACY DYING   A summary of social trends driving the growing misuse of information systems to invade individual rights. TechCast experts estimate most people will lack effective rights of privacy about 2019 +/- 3 years. The impact seems mixed.

Wild Card:  CHINA FALLS   After weighing the many forces at play, TechCast Experts collectively forecast a roughly 30-percent probability that China’s economy will collapse in the next few years, sending massive impacts throughout the globe.