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Mr. Theodore Jay Gordon is a futurist and management consultant. He has been instrumental in forming and co-forming several futures oriented consulting companies: in 1968 the non-profit Institute for the Future, a company studtiing public policy issues, the Futures Group in 1971, a profit making consulting company in the field of strategic decision making, and in 1996, the non-profit Millennium Project a global think tank, performing studies of global consequence with “Nodes” that support its mission abound the world. All three organizations still exist and are contribtuing to the world’s- and clients’- data bases. In fields that range from technology developments and their consequences to population forecasts in third world countries. His specialties include technological innovation and forecasting, the design of analysis methodologies, market segmentation, and the development of strategies that promise to be productive in conditions of high uncertainty. He is innovator of several methods of futures research, an early pioneer in the field. While a consultant at RAND, he was a co-author of the first large scale Delphi study on future scientific and technological breakthroughs. He is also the author of hundreds of reports, technical articles that have appeared in the professional and popular literature, and five books dealing with topics associated with the future, space, and scientific and technological developments and issues. He is currently on the editorial board of several professional journals and is consulting with organizations on policy matters, forecasting, and particularly on the design and execution of Real Time Delphi studies. See, for example:http://www.realtimedelphi.info