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Peter King has been an avid environmentalist since his undergraduate days. Melbourne University (B. Ag. Sc.) in 1970, then Soil Conservation Authority of Victoria, where he worked on soil erosion control, watershed management, and land capability assessment. Monash University, for a M. Env. Sc. in 1977. Conservation Ministry, reaching the position of Land Studies Coordinator for Victoria. Research Fellowship in the Environment and Policy Institute, East West Center, Hawaii from 1981-82.nIn 1982, established Terra Firma Environmental Consultants, specializing in environmental impact assessment, subsequently merged with ACIL Australia, where he was appointed Director, Overseas Development. nnStarted work with ADB in March 1991 as an Environment Specialist in the Office of Environment. In 1996, he transferred to the Agriculture and Social Sectors Department (East), Forestry and Natural Resources Division to gain additional experience in loan processing and administration. In the ADB and throughout Asia, Dr. King established a sound reputation as ADBu2019s leading natural resources management (u201cgreenu201d) expert. He has been involved in some of the most innovative projects in Asia and the Pacific. Responsibility for over 50 loan and TA projects. Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Science) degree in 1998 from Murdoch University in Perth, with a thesis entitled u201cIntegrated Economic and Environmental Planning at the Sub-national Level in Asiau201d. In 2001, he was appointed Manager, and subsequently Director, Pacific Operations, ADB. Advisor to the Director General, Regional and Sustainable Development Department. In 2005, Currently a Senior Policy Advisor for the Institute of Global Environmental Strategies in Japan and works as an independent environmental consultant for international organizations.