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Welcome to the new world of Rapid Consulting. Welcome to 20:20 Vision Creators. In today’s continuous disruptive world that organisations operate in, the traditional model of consulting has no place. The days of calling in a consulting company to do a large project that takes longer than 6 months is no longer operationally viable. The organisation’s internal and external environment will, in all likelihood, have changed fairly significantly by the time these longer term consulting projects realise any return on investment.

It is for this reason that 20:20 Vision Creators designed the Rapid Consulting methodology and service offering. We understand an organisation’s need to remain agile and flexible. We also understand that as the organisation’s external and internal environment is changing; it still has to apply the fundamental elements of a successful business in that the organisation has to have a winning strategy which then informs a fit-for-purpose business design which in turn informs a fit-for-purpose organisation design. It is in these areas that we provide our main services as well as those that are required to enable these services i.e. Change Management, Enabling Technology, Performance Management and People Management.

Our competitive advantage is that through the Rapid Consulting methodology, we guarantee you that we will be in and out of your business as quickly as practically possible. It is our aim that no project, other than those involving change and culture interventions, should be longer than 3 months with most taking less than 1 month. We assure you that the high quality of our delivery will not be negatively impacted by our Rapid Consulting methodology. We are confident that we will provide our clients with excellent return on investment in a much faster time period than any of our competitors.