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Dr. Rashidi is an engineer. He provides seminars, keynotes, lectures and insights on engineering and technology, product development, manufacturing systems, technology selection, advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, medical technology, lean manufacturing, automation and robotics industry, automotive industry, research and development, engineering education, engineering major and career knowledge, innovation, advanced technologies, academic and industrial projects. He features advances, innovations, and trends in science, engineering, medical, and technology that are most valuable. He provides knowledge and leading-edge insights about the impact of these advances, innovations, and trends on people, society, institutions, and companies. He provides individuals, teams, educational institutions, and companies with knowledge and actionable customized insights to improve efficiency, to make things better, and to stay relevant with advances, innovations, and trends in this rapidly changing world. Also, his expert insights create a vision for students to learn more efficiently about their majors, research, related academic and industrial projects, related careers and trends.

Dr. Rashidi founded WiseMedTech (World Institute of Science, Engineering, Medical, and Technology) to feature academic and industrial attempts that are most valuable and to provide knowledge and insights on how to make things better and improve efficiency.

Types of industries and projects advised by Dr. Rashidi include manufacturing, automotive, nanotechnology, energy and environment, foods and agriculture, renewable energies, HVAC, logistics, personal transport devices, wearables, medical devices, machinery, autonomous machines, robots and automation.

Dr. Rashidi was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia institute of Technology. He earned his PhD in Mechanical and Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.