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Gabriele Rizzo is a visionary futurist and an enthusiastic innovator. He is Head of Strategic Innovation within the CTO of Leonardo, professional futurist advisor to NATO SACT, and NATO expert for Cyberspace and Cyber Defence. This has notable relevance for ACT Futures Work, where he is co-author of Strategic Foresight Analysis and Framework for Future Alliance Operations and full contributor of Technology Trends Survey and Long Term Aspects of Military Requirements, currently targeting year 2035 (with a further glance at 2050).

He holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics for which has been recipient of a national award for excellence, and is currently earning his PhD in Physics - Quantum Theory and String Theory. He has a 10 years' experience in Engineering functions of Leonardo, where he covered multiple roles in optronics, avionics, radar and advanced targeting, advanced optics, and military research, encompassing almost all the phases of product lifecycle, and planning technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation. Here he proposed more than 20 Innovation Awards, advised industrial and MoD representatives in multiple NATO Von Karman Horizon Scanning and had a thorough vertical experience managing the technological innovation in a €10m FP7 project.

When it comes to information security, information assurance and cybersecurity, he is in this world since 2000, and he is about to formalise his experience with a CISSP. He participated in the Industrial Committee for the European Cyber PPP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and currently chairs two ECSO working groups (youngest chair in the organization) in Sectoral Demand: Transportation (road, rail, air, sea, space) and Public Services, eGovernment, Digital Citizenship. He is also leading the Grand Challenge 1: Safety, security and privacy by design in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, being lead author of its 2017 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. He is also member of US DOD Cyber Group, NATO Cyber Defence Task Force, NATO Transatlantic Industry Interface Group, and Italian AIAD RITEC high level group.

He is also active in NATO Science & Technology Office, being invited national expert to SAS Panel (in Futures Assessed alongside socio-Technical Evolutions research group), and IST Panel (in Battlefield of Things research group). He is also to-be Member at Large in SAS Panel for Strategic Foresight and Futures Studies, and voting member and AI expert in IEEE SA-P7000 working group in Artificial Intelligence Ethics - a deep future effort to 2050.

He is a distinguished member of SIF (Società Italiana di Fisica) and a proud member of WFSF (World Future Studies Federation), APF (Association of Professional Futurists), IRTF (Internet Research Task Force), CFRG (Crypto Forum Research Group), and CESMA (Centre for Aerospace Military Studies).

He is currently interested in theory of war, cyberdefence, artificial intelligence, the quantum flagship and post-post quantum cryptography - and his Physicist soul is revealed as he always brings the latest copy of the PDG booklet with him! His main effort at the moment is on transversal, trans disciplinary theories and techniques that enable a sound approach to complexity, strategy and future.