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President’s Message

Business_Strategy.jpgWelcome to TechCast Global!

This site contains a wealth of the most authoritative, carefully organized forecasts on Emerging Technologies, Social Trends, and Wild Cards — outlining broad contours of how the future is likely to unfold over the next decade or two. Each forecast includes a trend analysis, the most likely year adoption levels will arrive, estimated market sizes, social impacts, and bubble charts. Other features include incisive articles, critical issues, research reports, partnership opportunities, and more. TechCast is possibly the best forecasting system in the world.

This work is based on ongoing research that pools the collective knowledge of 150 leading experts as well as our consulting for corporations and governments. We’ve learned that emerging technologies, social trends, and even wild cards follow well-prescribed patterns that can be forecast quite accurately by following their adoption cycles. Our most striking conclusion is that breakthroughs are appearing everywhere. We can now envision replacing oil with renewable energy, genetic control over the process of life, computer power becoming infinite and cheap,  vastly more intelligent systems everywhere, devolution of power to ordinary people, continuing social and political crises, and much more to come.

Even more, our forecasts can be dropped into customized planning tools that help our members integrate this knowledge into a strategic whole. You can create your own forecast, test strategies against forecasts, edit and print your completed strategic plan, and more. TechCast’s Strategic Tools Service (STS) can be thought of as a platform for doing strategy — like the way Excel became a platfrom for spreadsheets. More than a platform, however, TechCast’s STS is populated with our leading edge knowledge.

We invite you to browse, get our newsletter, subscribe to our membership services, and participate as an expert, partner, editor, author or in other ways. Or try a Trial Subscription at no cost. Then you can take a tour of your likely future and use our tools to help develop strategic responses.

William E. Halal Photo

William E. Halal, PhD
President, TechCast Global, Inc.