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Sample Forecasts

Our Forecasts provide a wealth of research data and background information for understanding strategic change.  This sample Tecnnology Forecasts illustrates how our Forecasts are organized. Social Trend and Wild Card Forecasts are organized much the same, but include different forecasts data. Constantly updated real-time Forecasts are only available to TechCast Members.

Click on the sample forecasts images below to view larger versions of the images. You can also see a sample of our actual forecasts at Sample Forecasts and by Subscriibing for a free 14-day trial.


Forecast Summary Section Image Summary Section

1. Summary introduces the forecasted event, outlines major trends, provides main background knowledge and summarizes research results and conclusions as an executive summary

2. In Technology Forecasts Life Cycle Graphmaps selected adoption level and market size data as reference points with an adoption curve for extrapolation, and how TechCast Experts’ likely year the event will occur and forecasted market saturation compare with them

3. References and Notes expand the Life Cycle Graph data with further information and sources

4. Add to My Strategic Plans function allows members to select and use TechCast Forecasts in their strategic planning against which to evaluate their strategies.


Expert Survey Section

5. Adoption Level Being Forecasts details the specific event of the forecasts and which is subjected to an iterative surveying method among our global experts

6.  Forecasts Data Analysis summarizes survey results with mean, standard deviation and expert participation for Most Likely Year, Market Saturation and Expert Confidence; or Impacts and Probabilities for Social Trends and Wild Cards

7. Optimistic and Pessimistic Tail Commentsare available for member review of outliers, and additional notes may appear for further analytical information

8. Distribution Charts present the distribution of all expert survey data in graphical bar charts


Trend Analysis Section

9. Trend Analysis section includes relevant detailed backrground information for Pros, Cons and Impacts:

Pros are major trends driving the event being forecasts and often include industry information, notable projects, results and other forecasts data with links back to original sources

Cons are major obstacles opposing the event being forecast and often include industry information, notable projects, results and other forecast data with links back to original sources

Impacts present positive, negative and other analysis for how the event being forecast may have an impact on technology, business and society as a whole


Sample Forecast Comments Section ImageComments Section

10. Members can read and post comments proving invaluable additional information, thoughts and individual opinions for each forecast