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Significance of Logo

The TechCast Global logo is a unique image focusing on two iconic symbols – the frequency distribution and the S-curve.


TechCast Logo Image


The frequency distribution, or bar chart, is common to all life processes because nature exhibits wide diversity. Science’s best attempts to provide sound knowledge always fight against the uncertainty in data, as found in our expert forecasts. At the most fundamental level of physics, quantum mechanics describes how even atomic particles follow a frequency distribution defining the particle’s probable location.

The S-curve is equally common to all life because nature inexorably evolves to higher levels of development. Whether a child, a colony of bacteria, or the civilization of a planet, life grows through stages of take-off, rapid growth, maturity, and decline. Our S-curves chart the pattern of adoption data and forecasts to define the life cycle of emerging technologies and social trends.

The TechCast Global Logo is a visual reminder of how our collective intelligence systems map forecast data with all its variations, and how we chart development paths through this uncertainty. That’s also why these two iconic symbols — the frequency distribution and S-curve — appear throughout our work as blue bar charts and red S-curves.