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Social Trends

Our Social Trends cover major economic, political, and social changes driven by the Technology Revolution, Globalization, and other strategic forces that are transforming modern societies.

Over 30 major trends are included, supported by examples and background data, and highlighting impacts of technology on society and vice versa. Results from the TechCast Expert Panel forecast adoption levels, social impacts, and expert confidence. See Sample Forecast. Social trends are grouped into the following 6 fields of study with sample trends covered:

Nature & Science

Environmental Demands, Fragile Systems

Demographics & Lifestyles

Mass Migration, Feriliy Falls, Generation Change, Global Gaying, Working Women, Diversity Spreads

Business & Economics

Asia Rising, Consumerism, Job Failure, Growing Economies, Mature Economies, Services, Tourism

Values & Spirituality

Global Moral Code, Privavcy, Legal Pot, Social Responsibility

Government & Politics

Education, Regulations, Transparency

War & Crime

Water Wars, Extremism, Drugs
For further information, please see Examples of Tech Forecasts, Social Trends, and Wild Cards, and also see summaries of our Forecast Tables