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Success Stories

Business_Meetingby TechCast Staff

TechCast does extensive consulting to leverage our knowledge base and our experts to address strategic problems. Click on the titles below to see summaries of typical projects we have conducted.

US Director of National Intelligence  TechCast conducted a study to forecast technological and commercial capabilities in the field of Human Intelligence. Also see our report.

MIMOS, Ministry of Science, Malaysia  MIMOS is a leading research center for emerging technologies, and central to Malaysia’s development plan. A TechCast team conducted a 3-day workshop to help anticipate breakthroughs and guide applications.

US Federal Drug Administration   The FDA engaged TechCast in planning a national forecasts and strategy program on medical technologies using participants from the NIH, NSF, and other agencies as well as health care corporations.

US Environmental Protection Agency The EPA asked us to forecast the use of energy-intensive tehcnologies for the National Energy Model. Results showed close agreement in among 2 groups of experts, highlighting the robustness of our resecrch method. Also see the EPA Report..

Other projects include the Asian Development Bank, Academy of Science Malaysia, King Saud University, Blue Cross-Blue  Shield, AMD, Corning, and other corporations. See Consulting Services for more on the capabilities TechCast Global can provide.