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Techcast expert terms and agreement

Techcast is grateful to you for serving on our Expert Panel. Our experts receive a complimentary subscription (worth $2,950/year), lots of great visibility and contacts, and an opportunity to participate in the best online forecasting system in the world.


Experts must qualify to become active in Emerging Technologies, Social Trends, and/or Wild Cards. This includes a short quiz that takes a few minutes and poses an interesting challenge of basic knowledge in the field.

Entering Estimates

To maintain good standing, experts are required to devote a few hours each year to entering estimates and providing feedback. Intuition is fine, but we also expect you to thoughtfully review background data for forecasts and use sound judgment in making estimates. We will remind you each year to update your estimates.


While experts are free to be more or less active, they are required to read Techcast messages and to respond in a timely manner.

Rights and Terms

Techcast owns and retains all right, title and interest, including, without limitation, all patent rights, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, and any other intellectual property rights in and to Techcast research, processes, reports, documents, website and its content, and any new content, edits and updates posted and authored by its editors, experts and users. Techcast terms, statements and conditions for site use are available at the bottom of the website.

Ways to Participate

We also encourage experts to participate in other ways:

Consulting and Speaking – Techcast often receives well-paid research/consulting work and speaking engagements, so look for invitations to join a project.

Publish – Consider submitting a short commentary or article on topics you are keen about. Our website has high traffic, so a good piece can receive lots of attention.

Join the Staff – Think about serving as a Field Editor or other roles on our staff. Most require only a few hours/week, offer great experience and visibility, and pay a stipend.

Webinars – Experts will be invited to participate in Webinars on specific topics, offering more visibility and opportunities for speaking and consulting.

Proposals – We are always looking for creative ideas, innovative projects, leads for subscribers and sponsors, and other interesting proposals.