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TechCast Presents at NATO Again

TechCast Presents at NATO Again

by The TechCast Team

TechCast was invited to present the results of our work at the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) on March 15.


Founder William Halal held seminars on Forecasts and Strategy for a Changing World with the Headquarters Team at SACT and the graduating class of the NATO Executive Development Programme.

NATO has been a TechCast subscriber/member for years, and TechCast has worked with NATO on occasion. We previously presented at a NATO conference in Brussels.

Prof. Halal thinks this most recent presentation is especially useful, as it represents a synthesis of several major themes in TechCast’s work—the powers of collective intelligence, forecasts of the entire technology revolution, our new social trends and wild cards, macro-forecasting the most likely scenario for 2020?30, a study of AI and future jobs, the life cycle of evolution, the global megacrisis, beyond knowledge, and the transformation of institutions. Members can obtain a PDF of the presentation here.


More the NATO SACT can be seen here.