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TechCast Consulting Services

The TechCast team provides high-quality strategic consulting services at competitive rates because we are a virtual organization drawing on the TechCast knowledge base, experts from around the world, university colleagues and graduate students, and the resources of Washington, DC. See Clients/Praise, Success Stories, and the examples of our work cited below with the U.S. FDA, EPA, DoD, DNI; Asian Development Bank; King Saud University in Saudi Arabia; MSIST in South Korea; Government of Singapore; MIMOS in Kuala Lampur; and other organizations.

Research Studies  Strategic studies can be designed to focus on any technology, product line, industry, government function, either for individual or multiple clients. The TechCast team will help to identify your organization’s strategic needs, forecast breakthroughs, conduct venture development studies, estimate market potential, define social trends, identify & analyze crucial issues, and conduct other strategic research studies. Examples include our work with the US EPA, King Saud University, and the US Director of National Intelligence.

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning can be facilitated for an organization or entire industry. Typically, strategic research services are conducted as above, and the project is carried to a more ambitious phase by engaging clients in collectively analyzing the strategic implications of their study data. See our work with the US FDA and the US National Guard.

Systems Design  Strategic Systems can be improved and installed, including forecasting systems, strategic planning processes, knowledge management, business development, project management, organizational change, etc. Examples include TechCast consuling with the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Singapore.

Training and Workshops Training programs and practicum workshops can be organized to equip your staff with skills in forecasting, strategic planning, applications, and other strategic topics. See the workshops we conducted for MIMOS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Speeches and Presentations   Speeches and presentations can be customized for your needs. The TechCast Team and our 140 experts worldwide constantly present to business and government audiences. For example, see talks given by Prof. William E. Halal, TechCast President.

Tools Service  The TechCast staff can assist members in using our Strategic Tools Service more effectively.
Submit Request   To get more information and our premium report, Business Strategy for the Technology Revolution, please submit a request to TechCast Consulting Services. Or contact Prof. Halal at Halal@gwu.edu.