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Technology Forecasts

Alt_EnergyWe publish roughly 60 forecasts of strategic technologies covering all fields. Forecasts include empirical background data organized into Pro and Con trends, supported by examples of R&D projects, new ventures, and other applications. Results from the TechCast Expert Panel of 150 scientists, engineers, scholars, consultants, and futurists provide forecasts of the most likely year to reach adoption levels, potential market size, and expert confidence. See Sample Forecast.

A unique feature of TechCast’s work is the S-curves that help users understand the entire life cycle of a technology. We plot adoption levels and market saturation data and visually fit the best possible S-curve to the data. This requires assuming the most likely saturation level, a critical question facing every forecaster. The resulting Life Cycle Graph enables our members and experts to vividly estimate each technology’s development path.

Technology Forecasts are grouped into the following 7 fields of study with sample technologies covered.

Energy & Environment

Alternative Energy, GMO, Smart Grids, Water Purification, Green Economy

Manufacturing & Robotics

Nanotechnology, Smart Robots, Smart Sensors, Power Storage, 3-D Printing

Medicine & Biogenetics

Artificial Organs, Life Extension, E-Health, Cancer Cure, Neurotech

Information Technology

Biocomputing, Optical Computers, Quantum Computing, Thought Power, AI

Digital Economy

E-Government, E-Commerce, E-Tailing, Global Brain, Intelligent Web, Video Conferencing


Contact, Space Tourism, Star Travel, Commercial Space, Solar Satellites


Hypersonic Planes, Fuel Cell Cars, Intelligent Cars, Hi-Speed Trains, Small Vehicles

For further information, please seeĀ Examples of Tech Forecasts, Social Trends, and Wild Cards, and also see summaries of ourĀ  Forecast Tables