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What We Do

What We Do ImageThe technology revolution, globalization, and other transformative changes are driving the creative destruction of markets, introducing disruptive products and services, and altering the way organizations work — yet managers lack useful knowledge on how to plan for these critical challenges. Our authoritative forecasts help managers and planners adapt to this rapidly changing world.

We pool background data and the collective intelligence of global experts to forecast the most important technology breakthroughs, social trends, and wild cards for business and government. TechCast’s premier research and strategic tools help our members integrate this knowledge into their forecasting and strategy, marketing and business development, R&D, and other strategic work.

Our Value Proposition

All organizations need forecasts for their strategic planning. Managers often try to develop their own forecasts, but the time and cost are considerable and the results mediocre.  Our members can access constantly updated forecasts, bubble charts, breakthrough articles, and other research to gain needed foresight instantly and cost-effectively. They also create their own customized strategic plans to address the forces facing their organization using our online tools, as well as benefit from our high-quality consulting services.  Clients tell us “There’s nothing else like it.”