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What We Offer

What We Offer ImageWe offer a wealth of the most authoritative, carefully organized forecasts on Emerging Technologies, Social Trends, Wild Cards, and other strategic forces likely to unfold over the next decade or two. This work is based on research that pools the collective knowledge of 150 leading experts as well as our consulting for corporations and governments.

We’ve learned that emerging technologies and social trends follow well-prescribed life cycles patterns that can be forecast quite accurately, and that online strategic planning tools can help decison-makers plan for this rapidly changing world . The need is especially acute as breakthroughs are appearing everywhere. For example, we can now envision replacing oil with renewable energy, genetic control over the process of life, computer power becoming infinite and cheap, and much more to come.

Premier Resources Online

Access to constantly updated forecasts, research reports, breakthrough articles, expert blogs, critical issues and other premier resources is provided to subscribing members at https://www.techcastglobal.com/. Members also use our tools and services to develop their own forecasts, create and test strategic plans against external forces automating the hard work of good strategy.  No other company offers such complete and insightfully organized knowledge to assist decision-makers in planning strategic change.

TechCast Services

Customized research studies, speaking engagements, workshops, forecasting systems, training and other consulting services provide enhanced benefits for customer-specific needs.  They can build on online resources as add-on services, long-term services contracts,  or as one-time projects based on customer requirements.