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Wild Cards

Our Wild Card Forecasts cover low probability / high impact events that could alter strategic assumptions about the future.

Over 20 major Wild Cards are included, supported by examples and background data, and highlighting impacts on the Technology Revolution and society in general. Results are provided from the TechCast Expert Panel estimating probability, expected social impact, and expert confidence. See Sample Forecast. Wild Card forecasts are grouped into the following fields with sample events:

Nature & Science

Weather Control, Asteroids, Solar Storms, Human Cloning, Singularity Arrives

Demographics & Lifestyles

Global Pandemic, Time Travel,

Business & Economics

Democratic Enterprise, Global

Values & Spirituality

Social Revolution, Paranormal Proven

Government & Politics

Open Immigration, Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Nationalization of Banks, Collapse of China

War & Crime

Nuclear War, World War III, Energy Weapons
For further information, please seeĀ Examples of Tech Forecasts, Social Trends, and Wild Cards, and also see summaries of ourĀ Forecast Tables